Above the Heart

The Carter's

Walter and Valecia Carter were married in 1996 and faced many unpleasant circumstances through the course of their marriage.  Although the Lord brought them through many situations, it was a rough road for the first 15 years.  Some of their struggles were a lack of communication, lies, financial difficulties, blended family challenges, trust, verbal and physical abuse.  Among these were many other dysfunctional mishaps including the 3 A’s: Adultery, Addiction and Aggressive Anger, which is what we call a Triple Threat.  They overcame these obstacles and many more by the power of God!  They are immensely grateful for the blessing God granted them by restoring their marriage.  They continue to express their love and devotion to one another daily with love, honor and respect.

This is just the beginning of where God is taking this blessed couple, who took a stand. They took their life back and decided to take their marriage to the next level.

You can hear more about their story by purchasing their books My Heart My Love My Life My Lord, Living Life Past the Pain, written by Author Valecia Carter herself, and “The Marriage Guide, God Ordains It, You Establish It”.  These books not only have been a blessing to them, but God elevated Minister Walter & Valecia by their personal experience of married life, they were over the Marriage Ministry at their church in Milwaukee, WI for over 7 years, and receives professional training from Life Breakthrough Coaching & Academy. They are Certified Biblical Marriage Coaches, Workshop Facilitators, and Motivational Speakers. They have been active in their roles since November. They launched their Above the Heart, LLC business in February of 2019.  They were given a Proclamation from the Mayor of the City of Milwaukee, which states that June 8th every year is Above the Heart, LLC Day! June, 2020 God allowed them to relocate Above the Heart, LLC where they presently reside and continue to expand their business endeavors.