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Here are what a few of our clients have to say about their experience with our services.
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Mr. and Mrs. Carter have been so helpful with our marriage Coaching. Just having them be such great listeners was nice . Their transparency about their testimony helped us so much. We felt so connected because they were so engaged with what we shared with them. Everything they told us was extremely helpful and informative. Helping us to communicate was awesome and I love their really cool way of helping us bring out the best in ourselves and our marriage.
Wow, I love the techniques they used. Informative and helped me bring out my truth. Thanks so much. I know getting married to my boyfriend is the right thing for me.
I am so glad I am not the only one. I have been judged by my family and friends for my decisions about my life. You were so understanding and listened so well without judgement. I am looking forward to reaching ALL MY GOALS! I will be referring your service too.
Coaches Walter and Valecia were so funny! Being in their sessions helped us see things so much clearer. We have a lot to consider, and I wish we would have met them before we got married. They really helped us put a lot in perspective. Thank you for being so open and honest about yourselves too.
Coach W. Carter was so smooth. He helped me to see all the greatness that I paid no attention to in my wife, and we been married for almost 19 years. Seeing the love and respect he gives his wife was encouraging and that is what I lacked. I wont disrespect my wife anymore and I know God will help me when times get tough.
I was very reluctant at first because I knew them on a personal level, but once I relaxed and opened up in our session I was more comfortable speaking about our problems. It took quite some time getting my husband to speak up because he wasn’t ok with talking to anyone about our concerns because he is a private person. After hearing about some of the things they were faced with in their marriage and how they were so transparent about them being in the fire, helped us to talk so freely about us because they could relate on so many levels. They gave us great tools to use in our marriage, although at first it seemed like it was a waste of my time, our consistency and desire to have a successful marriage gave us the drive to keep trying.
So much was addressed and instead of making us stick to the free 20-minute session, they went long enough to the point they could have made us wait until our next session or charged us a fee because we ran at least 45 minutes. We are grateful for their dedication to marriage and the success of our marriage.