Happiness and Marriage

Everyone wants to be happy, but who’s responsibility is it to make you happy?  When I asked several people, this question I was a little surprised at the responses that I received.  One person said it is her parent’s responsibility to make her happy because she didn’t ask to be here, and since they made that decision it is their job.  Another person said, it is his wife’s responsibility to make sure he is happy because he is the head of the household, and the last person I asked said it is her husband’s responsibility to make sure she is happy and spoiled.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that my husband spoils me, but I don’t think it is that he spoils me, he just knows what I like, and he makes sure I have what I want at times.  I don’t think things going my way or getting things that I want is happiness.  They are pleasurable, but my happiness is my own responsibility.  Being married is so much more than just being happy although being happy is great in marriage, but what about love, loyalty, trust, commitment, sacrifice, compromise and peace to name some?  Marriage is a partnership and both parties involved should communicate as to what is expected.  Again, your happiness is your responsibility, so don’t give up the power to make yourself happy.  When you make yourself happy your spouse will be happy!  Self help is the key.  I am not saying that your spouse should not do things to make you happy, I am just saying when they do it is merely a bonus.

I also touched on this in my book!  Just an observation. 😊